About CASS
Our Cattery
  • Since we are a small Cattery, we have our cats living in our home. We have had an addition to our house constructed specifically for our Queen and Sire. This Cattery/All Seasons Room is where our Queen stays with her babies until such time the kittens are ready to go to their “forever homes”. All cats/kittens are well socialized with dogs, regular household activities and noises (i.e. people, vacuum, appliances).
  • Our Sire and Queen are our family members and have not and will not be entered shows, or be around other cats, as we believe this is stressful on our Maine Coons and their people as well.
  • CASS Maine Coon Cats have only European blood lines. We have been meticulous in researching and choosing our breeders from Italy, Ukraine and Russia. These European countries have higher breed standards than what Canada and the United States of America presently provide. There are some exceptional breeders in both Canada and the USA but be sure to do some checking on your Breeders. Any reputable breeder will be more than happy to answer your questions and enquiries.
  • Before contacting our Cattery, we hope you have done some research on the Maine Coon breed and you are aware of the cats needs and lifestyle.

Questions about Cass Coon Cats?

Are kittens litter trained?

YES! All kittens are litter trained as soon as they can crawl out of their birthing home, usually at 3 weeks of age.

When can I pick up my kitten?

Our kittens are kept until they are 12 to 14 weeks old.  All kittens are sold as pets, and as such an agreement must be made to have kittens spayed/neutered before they leave for their “forever home”.

Will my kitten be Vet Checked?

All kittens sold have been checked by. a certified Veterinarian.  They will have had their 1st set of vaccination, 1st health check, worming and nail trimming.  TICA Certificate Litter Registration will be given once the final payment has been made.

How much does a kitten cost?

Males & Females are $2000.00 CDN