A little bit about the Maine Coon Cat Breed

Maine Coon
  • Maine Coon cats are referred to the “gentle giants” of domestic cats and also described as the most “dog-like” of the cat breeds. They usually are incredibly friendly, highly intelligent and trainable.
  • Maine Coon cats are definitely one of the largest of the domesticated cat breeds. Females can weigh anywhere from 4 kg to 7.5 kg (9 to 16 lbs), and males weighing anywhere from 5.5 kg to 9.5 kg (13 to 20 lbs).
  • The breed is also known to be slow to mature, often not reaching their full size until 3 years of age or later. This is especially true for the males of this breed.
  • If you are thinking of adding Maine Coon cats to your household, we highly recommend you do your research on this breed and make yourself aware of the cats needs and lifestyle.